Estonian Historical Archives

Archive stores documents of former central administrative institutions, court and police institutions, chivalry (German landlords), city and rural local governments in the territory of Estonia. Archive contains documents of churches, educational establishments and estates, records on natural persons as well as variety of documents about societies and companies. There are 2 million archival units - rare documents, seals, original governors' letters, parchments, prints, photos as well as the largest collection of historical maps of Estonia among them.


Estonian State Archives

The Archive stores documents starting from the establishment of the independence of the Republic of Estonia to the present day.


Latvian State Historical Archives

The Archive is a structural unit of the National Archives of Latvia (NAL) storing more than 6 million of documentary evidence about historical events, political processes, economic, social and cultural life in the territory of Latvia from 1220 to 1945. It is also the oldest of NAL system archives and contains the most ancient documents - impressive parchment collection, estate and revision list materials, church documents to begin with and ending with the latest documents of the Republic of Latvia and German occupation.


Central State Historical Archive of St. Petersburg

Archive features materials about the institutions, organizations and companies of Petersburg (Petrograd) city and gubernia from the last quarter of the 18th century to 1917. Archival documents (1.9 million files) are widely used for scientific and local history studies of St. Petersburg, towns in its district and populated areas of goubernia as well as the history of city's largest companies; it is also consulted when reconstructing the historical centre, architectural ensembles, bridges and other monuments of antiquity.


Central State Archive of St. Petersburg

The archive contains nearly 3 million files about the activities of Leningrad (Petersburg) authorities, history of economic development, municipal economy, education, health care and social protection of residents from 1917 to 2002.